Time4Hemp Special Announcement

PLEASE visit and do some shopping.

When you do, you help the network grow!

The Time4Hemp Gift Shop offers this mouse-pad.

Time 4 Hemp Gift Shop Trump mousepadTake Time 4 Hemp!

I’m not sure how many of you recall the time, a few years back, when President Bush asked Americans to “go shopping so as to help the national economy to remain strong and to keep our country safe and independent.” Many of us laughed at the idea of “saving the country by going shopping”.  I’m sure a Google search will bring up many of the late night jokes that were made. Well, now that the Time 4 Hemp Gift Shop has opened, I understand what the President was trying to get across in his message.

Hat at Time 4 Hemp Gift Shop

Over the 25 years I’ve been broadcasting, people have encouraged me to place my logos and other art pieces that I own onto hats and t-shirts and buttons. I’ve never done so due to the headaches involved from order fulfillment and shipping errors that occur in any retail outlet. Besides, Time 4 Hemp is a broadcasting network. That’s what we are focused on and what we MUST REMAIN focused on.

What I’ve done is opened a little shop spot on CafePress.com to handle all the headaches. YEAH! I like CafePress. I’ve ordered stuff through them before and have always been happy with the items I’ve gotten. I understand that when the company first started, way back in 2001, the material they used to produce their items was on the low end of the spectrum.

Today, all that has changed and they now produce first rate products. They take care of the shipping and are even happy to refund your money if you aren’t satisfied with what you receive from them. I love it.

Of course this means that the amount of money Time4Hemp receives from each purchase is a very small amount BUT – a little here and a little there – it all adds up to being a big help in the budget over a period of time.

Puzzle at Time 4 Hemp Gift Shop

I was careful in making product selections for each piece of art and tried to come up with a few clever ideas for T-shirts and greeting cards. I have to admit – everything looks pretty darn good. I found items for every room in the house and in every price range. There are many cool things under $10 such as calendars and greeting cards and a good many more under $20 such as hats, T-shirts and puzzles.Dog T-shirt at Time 4 Hemp Gift Shop

Two of my favorite items are the tote bags and the dog T-shirts. I have two dogs that own me (I’m THEIR pet). Both of my dogs are Hemp Activists and both like to wear stylish t-shirts when they go out to a demonstration or festival. The tote bags are just plain AWESOME. The art looks fantastic on them. They are made of strong material. Everybody can find good use for one. You will find lunch-totes and beach-totes and just about any kind of tote you want and you will get many years of good use from any one of them.

Tote Bag at Time 4 Hemp Gift Shop

People are always asking me if they can help in any way with the broadcasting network. Any time I suggest they MAKE A DONATION towards the cost of program production, I’m usually met with a giggle and a smile and a; “Best of luck of with that happening”.

Well, this time around, I’m asking for a hand up instead of a hand out. I only asking that you visit the Time 4 Hemp Gift Shop and take a look around and see what all is on the shelf.  If you find something that you like, buy it!

It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN when you part with your money at the gift shop. YOU win because you get a great product at a great price. TIME4HEMP BROADCASTING wins because it gets a small portion of the sale to apply towards the high cost of program production. THE HEMP MOVEMENT wins by having its voice raised to a louder pitch with you having pro-hemp products in your home and/or on your body and by being heard through the broadcasting network.

Sweatshirt at Time 4 Hemp Gift Shop

One last request. Please visit the Time4Hemp Gift Shop often. Maybe even make it the FIRST place you visit when looking for a particular item. There’s a good chance you will find what you want. Maybe even at a lower price than someplace else. Every year you need a new calendar – right? If you do a lot of snail-mailing, you need to buy cards often – right? Every one likes getting a new hat or T-shirt every so often – right?

If you are a retail outlet or an activist who attends a lot of events and sets up a hemp-education booth, consider buying these items in bulk. CafePress gives a nice discount for bulk purchases.

In closing, let me say again, every time you shop through the Time4Hemp Gift Shop you support the network and the cannabis legalization movement. I now can’t say that enough.

We have a good number of program hosts and many amazing guests. Every single one of them needs to be heard by every ear on earth.

Teddy Bear at Time 4 Hemp Gift Shop

Until every sick person who needs medical-cannabis to stay healthy and/or alive can get their medication with out fear of arrest – our work remains important.

Until every farmer who needs a good cash crop can plant industrial-hemp with out fear of arrest – our work remains important.

Until every one who wishes to enjoy the social use of marijuana can do so with out fear of arrest – our work remains important.

Glass at Time 4 Hemp Gift Shop

If you really want to help us remain strong and independent, go shopping at the Time 4 Hemp Gift Shop. Tell your friends about us and visit often. Should you do that, over a period of time, it will end up being a BIG HELP.