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We’re ALL CANNABIS – ALL THE TIME on iHeartRadio.

We play a little bit of talk and a whole lot of ROCK!

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As you MIGHT OF NOTICED, we’ve changed back to our WordPress website completely. Next is to change the theme. That will take a few more weeks before being completed. The blog is currently up-dated every couple of days and we up-date our FaceBook and Twitter news-feeds several times daily.

As you comb through the network archives you will notice we have been on hiatus. Some of that has to do with the ‘re-tooling’ of the network that has taken place. With much of today’s internet content being focused on video presentation – we too have begun to focus on video production. Three NEW VIDEO SERIES by Time 4 Hemp are now broadcast on Tommy Chong’s new Cannabis Club TV Network courtesy of The Marin Alliance Medical Marijuana Dispensary owned by Lynnette Shaw.

Time 4 Hemp - casper leitch with tommy chong

‘Time 4 Hemp – Talk’ is hosted by Casper Leitch (above left) and NORMALLY runs 30-mins.

Below is the 2nd segment of the series on YouTube (it’s also found on ROKU-TV and FaceBook). Included are Mae Nutt, Jack Herer, Dennis Peron, and Rick Steves.

‘Time 4 Hemp – Toons’ is a combination of the best parts of some of the audio interviews that are found in our archives and computer avatars. When put together – we create an interesting, informative AND entertaining presentation about cannabis hemp. Below is the 1st segment of the series on YouTube. It features Paul Stanford and Todd McCormick.

‘Time 4 Hemp – MUSIC’ is an EARLY MTV STYLE series. It features music videos that are focused on ending cannabis prohibition. All types of music is offered on each segment so there is sure to be something for everyone to enjoy. Due to the size of the file, it is more easy to watch it through this website or download it into your own device.

Click here to enjoy: Time 4 Hemp – MUSIC segment 001.

Social platforms such as YouTube and FaceBook are VIGOROUSLY attempting to censor the message of many activists and activist organizations. Due to this it is we are asking you to make it a point to listen to our live-stream each day; check out some of our videos each week; and share us with your friends. If you’re a business owner, please become a sponsor.

Our Radio Programming is returning back to regular schedule.

Time 4 Hemp Broadcasting Network

Many of our network hosts have begun recording new segments for their series. ‘Veterans Voices’ has some great guests already lined up. The series is hosted by Al Byrne and Michael Krawitz.

Click here to enjoy: Jesse Ventura on Veterans Voices.

‘Time4 Hemp – Today’ will also be back twice a week (Tue & Thur).

Click here to enjoy: Willie Nelson, Tommy Chong and Dr. Andrew Weil on the show.

The next issue of our bi-monthly newsletter will be released in January 2019.

1991 Time 4 Hemp Television Series - 1991

Willie Nelson on the 1991 Time 4 Hemp Television Series

Be sure to check out the original 1991 television series that was the seed of this network if you haven’t had chance to do so already.

The Time 4 Hemp Broadcasting Network is a digital media outlet that shares factual information which is difficult to locate elsewhere. This broadcasting network is dedicated to exposing the lies embedded in FAKE NEWS created and released as FACT by the United States government about cannabis hemp.