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Cannabis Broadcasting – 24/07

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Time 4 Hemp is the ONLY marijuana related network on iHeart Radio. It’s the first around the clock all cannabis all the time broadcast. Every other hour is talk; every other hour is Rock!

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When you surf this site you will find 43 CANNABIS MUSIC MP3’s that are FREE TO DOWNLOAD (about 1 per HTML).

President Donald Trump on marijuana

What the Trump Presidency means for the Cannabis Movement!

Marijuana wins BIG in the 2016 election!

Below is a YouTube Playlist of some recent programs.

We Luv Herbies

The Time4Hemp network is constantly adding new things to the website. We have a live cannabis garden you can watch grow. There are marijuana editorial cartoons you can share with your friends. LOTS of free MP3’s of all the programs produced hrough the Time 4 Hemp Broadcasting Network with amazing hosts and great 420 music. We even have a monthly newsletter. Listen to our live stream content in the player found on each page when you surf the site. Enjoy the network on the go with ANY smart phone or tablet with our apps. We’re even on ROKU-TV!  You can embed us into your website and share us with your visitors. You can find about 3,000 podcasts in the Network Archives. Make it a point to tune in OFTEN.

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Horton listes to Time 4 Hemp

Just like when Horton heard the Who’s of Whosville – it took the voice of every Who to make Horton hear them. It was a small place making a big noise. This is true of Time 4 Hemp. We are a growing team that is reaching every corner of the world with the message of our need to end prohibition. We are working hard to restore hemp as an industrial crop. We believe that it is time to stop making criminals out of people who need medical cannabis.

1991 Time 4 Hemp Television Series - 1991

Willie Nelson on the 1991 Time 4 Hemp Television Series

“I think people need to be educated to the fact that marijuana is not a drug. Marijuana is a flower. God put it here.” ―Willie Nelson, Music Legend