Time 4 Hemp Archives – 2009

Many founders of the cannabis movement can be heard here.

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Jack Herer - Time 4 Hemp - Casper Leitch

L-R – Jack Herer and Casper Leitch take Time 4 Hemp.

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December cannabis radio.

12/17/2009 – Guest:  Marco Renda.

12/15/2009 – Guests:  Kelly Kriston, Al Byrne, Elvy Musikka and Ed Rosenthal.

12/10/2009 – Guests: Neal Smith, Carl Olsen and Ed Rosenthal.

12/08/2009 – Guests: Kelly Kriston, James Gierach, Josh Shinburg and Ed Rosenthal.

12/03/2009 – Guests:  Chris Conrad, Mikki Norris, Mike Bifari, Michelle Rainey and Ed Rosenthal.

12/01/2009 – Guests: Kelly Kriston, Marc Emery, Marco Renda and Michelle Rainey.

November cannabis radio.

11/24/2009  – Guests:  Allen St Pierre, Lynnette Shaw and Ed Rosenthal.

11/19/2009 – Guests: David Smith, Keith Stroup, and Ed Rosenthal.

11/12/2009 – Guests: Bill Small, Alison Myrden and Ed Rosenthal.

11/10/2009  – Guests: Milo “The Big Buddh”, Jet Baker and Ed Rosenthal.

11/05/2009  – Guests: Phil Kilv, Michael Balderstone and Ed Rosenthal.

11/03/2009 – Guests:  Kelly Kriston, Jodie Emery and Ed Rosenthal.

October cannabis radio.

10/29/2009 – Guests:  Kenny Estes and Ed Rosenthal.

10/27/2009 – Guests: Phil Kilv, Mike Bifari, Winter Spring, and Ed Rosenthal.

10/22/2009  – Guests: Alison Myrden, Marco Renda, Marko Ivancicevic, Russell Barth and Ed Rosenthal.

10/20/2009 – Guests: Lynnette Shaw, Kevin Gutzman, John Vergados and Ed Rosenthal.

10/15/2009  – Guests: Marco Renda, Mary Lynn Mathre, Al Graham and Ed Rosenthal.

10/13/2009 – Guests: John Birrenbach, Carl Olsen, George McMahon and Ed Rosenthal.

10/08/2009  – Guests: Michelle Rainey, Chris Conrad and Ed Rosenthal.

10/06/2009  -Guests: Lynette Shaw, Darcy Stoddard, Ray Laker AKA “Rev Ray Green” and Ed Rosenthal.

10/01/2009 – Guests: Mike Bifari, Marco Renda, Mikki Norris, Chris Connrad and Ed Rosenthal.

September cannabis radio.

09/29/2009  – Guests: Lynnette Shaw, Elvy Musikka and Ed Rosenthal.

09/24/2009  – Guests: Bruce Cain, Josh Shinburg, Tokin Tam and Rosenthal.

09/22/2009  – Guests: Muck Sticky, Lynn Wilson and Paul Bullock.

09/17/2009  – Guests: Paul Pearson, Mike Bifari and Ed Rosenthal.

09/15/2009   – Guests: Andy Tats, Dave Tree and Steven Epstein.

09/10/2009  – Guests: Allison Myrden, Steve Bloom, Rev. Steve Thompson and Ed Rosenthal.

09/08/2009  – Guesst: Toby Grear, DJ Slim, Keith Saunders and Ed Rosenthal.

09/03/2009  – Guests: Dean Becker, Marco Renda and Ed Rosenthal.

09/01/2009  -Guests: Pierre Werner, Mikki Norris, John Deo Radio and Ed Rosenthal.

August cannabis radio.

08/27/2009  – Casper’s 100th “Time 4 Hemp” Show featuring Paul Armentano, Radical Russ, Neal Smith and Ed Rosenthal.

08/25/2009 – Guests: Bruce Cain and Tammy Mckenzie.

08/20/2009 – Guests: Steve Hager, Ed Rosenthal, Carl Olsen and Tokin Tam.

08/18/2009   – Guesst: Jack Herer, Gatewood Galbraith, Lynnette Shaw and Allison Myrden.

08/13/2009  – Guests: Marc and Jodie Emery, Gatewood Galbraith, Keith Stroup and Ed Rosenthal.

08/11/2009  First show on AFR. Guests: Allen St. Pierre, Muck Sticky, Chris Conrad, Mikki Norris and Ed Rosenthal.

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