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Ten Medical Marijuana Facts Too Important to Overlook

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To say that cannabis is a subject of heavy debate across the United States right now would be something of an understatement. Quite simply, it’s one of the biggest and most important talking points in recent history. With no less than eight states having so far overhauled cannabis policy to legalize recreational marijuana, millions are celebrating a significant victory for the cannabis community.

But at the same time, an even more critically important topic is that of medical marijuana legalization. While support continues to grow for relaxation of recreational cannabis laws, it is still an idea that somewhat evenly divides the public. With medical cannabis, things are rather different – the overwhelming majority supporting legalization.

Whichever way you look at it, there’s a very big difference between legalizing a product for those looking to get high and improving availability of a tried, tested and incredibly effective treatment for a wide variety of illnesses. In so many instances, those who could not be more strongly opposed to recreational cannabis legalisation express their complete support for the legalization of medical marijuana.

As time goes by, more and more studies are bringing to light the incredible medicinal properties of cannabis, which we are in a strict sense only just beginning to explore. But despite the fact that the industry remains at such a remedial level, cannabis is becoming one of the most widely used therapeutic drugs in the whole of the United States. As such, it’s incredible to think that it’s only as of a couple of weeks back that the United Kingdom finally accepted that CDB products could be classified as medicines, as reported by

“Having finally accepted that many of the “overt medicinal claims” being made by so many cannabis product manufacturers could no longer be ignored, the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has decided that the time has come to make important changes.”

So as the debate continues as to where and to what extent medical pot should be legalized, what follows is a brief overview of 10 extensively proven facts that are far too important to overlook:

Fact 1. Over 1.2 Million Americans Used Medicinal Cannabis Last Year

First of all, the number of patients using medical cannabis on an annual basis is accelerating like never before. During 2016, at which time 21 states are permitted the use of medicinal cannabis, just over 1.24 million people were known to have used legally available medical pot. What’s more, experts believe that if medical cannabis was legal across all 50 North American states, the figure would be much closer to 3 million. As proactive education as to the benefits and potential application of medical cannabis continues, these figures are expected to increase significantly going forwards.

time4hemp - medical marijuana facts

Fact 2.  The Vast Majority of People Support Medical Cannabis Legalisation

As already mentioned, recreational cannabis is a subject that continues to split the public relatively evenly. Even in the states that have voted to legalize recreational pot, the bills generally past by a relatively slim margin. In terms of medical marijuana, things are entirely different. A number of studies carried out over recent years to suggest that the approval rating for medical marijuana continues to sit above 75% across the US as a whole. As a country proud of its commitment to democracy, the message to the government is relatively clear.

Fact 3. More Than 90% Of Medical Cannabis Users Say It Works

Generally speaking, cannabis is brought in as a treatment option in instances when and where conventional drugs and other approaches to treatment have proved unsuccessful. Nevertheless, evidence seems to suggest that it may be sensible to try cannabis as something of an earlier option. The reason being that among those who use cannabis for medical purposes, an incredible 92% say that it works effectively for them. This is an exponentially higher perceived success rate than that of any other conventional drug across the board.

Fact 4. 22 States Continue to Outlaw Medical Cannabis

While things certainly seemed to be heading in the right direction, the fact that a full 22 states still do not permit the use of medical cannabis in any way is nothing short of tragic. Even in instances where patients are crying out for medical marijuana to help them cope with a wide variety of illnesses and chronic conditions, the cultivation, distribution, possession and consumption of medical cannabis remains entirely illegal. This, despite overwhelming evidence to suggest that cannabis represents a much safer treatment option than many conventional drugs.

Fact 5. All Medical Cannabis Users Are Breaking Federal Law

And not only medical cannabis users, but absolutely anyone involved in the growing or distributing of marijuana or related products. The reason being that while it is undeniably nonsensical and counterproductive, cannabis in all its forms remains illegal at a Federal level. Even where medical cannabis has been legalized at a state level, its use still contravenes Federal law and therefore means that those using or distributing could technically be prosecuted. All of which is making it exceptionally and needlessly difficult for the cannabis industry to reach its full potential, while at the same time making it difficult for people in general to know where they stand.

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Fact 6: 76% of Doctors Approve of Medical Marijuana

One of the biggest problems with lawmakers is the way in which many of the matters they preside over are not in fact subjects they are experts in. Suffice to say, those involved in cannabis legislation both at a state level and a Federal level are rarely qualified doctors and medical professionals. If they were, chances are things would be quite different. The reason being that when a recent study was carried out over 76 countries and involving more than 1,500 doctors, it came to light that more than three-quarters of them supported the use of medical cannabis. Some have gone so far as to plead with their respective governments to see the reality of things for what it is – when or whether this happens remains to be seen.

Fact 7. Cannabis Reduces Suicide Rates

Contrary to the cries of critics, evidence seems to suggest that the legalization of medical cannabis can have a beneficial impact on overall suicide rates.  Research has shown that in regions where medical cannabis has been legalised, there has been an average overall drop in suicide rates of approximately 5%, while suicides among 20-29-year-old males have plummeted by more than 10%.

Fact 8. It Can Fuel Brain Cell Growth

Just this week, the DEA was forced to remove a series of misleading and entirely inaccurate claims from its own website, with regard to the apparent ‘dangers’ of cannabis consumption. One of which stated in no uncertain terms that the use of cannabis could potentially lead to irreversible cognitive damage in later life.  Or in other words, buds are bad for your brain. In reality, scientific research has pointed to the exact opposite of being the case. Recent studies have shown that cannabis can in fact encourage the growth of new cells around the hippocampus, which is the part of the brain responsible for emotion processing and memory. Which in turn paints an entirely contradictory picture to the unfounded claims of so many cannabis critics.

Fact 9. It’s Safe and Cause Fewer Side Effects

One of the best things about cannabis when it comes to the treatment of various conditions is the way in which you know pretty quickly whether or not it works.  By contrast, with plenty of conventional treatments and medications it’s a case of using them over an extensive period of time, before getting any real idea whether or not they are doing their job. Which can be extremely problematic when it comes to the kinds of drugs and treatments that are not particularly safe and have the potential to present unpleasant side effects. Medical cannabis alleviates both of these problems and is regarded by most professionals to be a comprehensively safe alternative treatment to try.

Fact 10. We’ve Barely Scratched the Surface

Last but not least, it’s only as of relatively recently that researchers have been granted the authorization and resources required to really begin looking into the beneficial properties of medical cannabis. Already, we’re beginning to find out exactly what we have been missing out on for so long – an extraordinary range of medicinal properties with near-endless potential applications. Suffice to say therefore, we’ve really only just started to scratch the surface as to what could be possible going forward. But at the same time, things will only progress to the most advanced possible level if medical cannabis research is given the full and unequivocal backing of both local and national authorities.

While ever cannabis remains illegal at a Federal level, this simply isn’t going to happen.



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