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Time 4 Hemp was FIRST covered in High Times Magazine – August 1991.

12 reasons to sponsor the Time 4 Hemp Network.

The ‘Time 4 Hemp’ television series made its debut Jan. 05, 1991 with host, Casper Leitch, on the Van Nuys Community Cable Network.

1.) It was the FIRST community cable series to broadcast in ALL 50 states (thanks to many hard-working cannabis activists across the United States).

2.) It was the FIRST community cable series to be broadcast in other countries (thanks to Marc Emery in Canada, Ben Dronkers in Amsterdam, and the team at the Hemp Museum in Australia).

3.) It was the FIRST television series in all of broadcast history to feature the hemp plant as the main topic of focus in a positive view.

4.) It was the FIRST television series that Willie Nelson spoke out publicly on in favor of ending marijuana prohibition.

5.) The series was also visited by Dr. Tim Leary. For this segment, Casper became a participant in one of the FIRST smoked marijuana studies funded by the U.S. government at UCLA headed by Dr. Donald Tashkin.

6.) During this participation, he became the FIRST person to be filmed smoking a LEGAL MARIJUANA CIGARETTE produced by the government.

High Times Magazine Takes Time 4 Hemp

‘Time 4 Hemp’ was FIRST covered in High Times Magazine – Aug 1991.

7.) In 1999, Time 4 Hemp became one of the FIRST to offer a website completely dedicated to sharing information about cannabis.

8.) Time 4 Hemp was one of the FIRST websites on the internet to offer free video and audio downloads.

9.) Time 4 Hemp opened one of the FIRST hemp websites designed specifically for mobile phones in 2001.

10.)  Time 4 Hemp was one of the FIRST podcast series to focus on the topic of cannabis when it launched in 2002.

11.) American Freedom Radio picked up the series in August 2009 where it was broadcast until that network closed its doors in August of 2013. In September of 2013, iHeartRadio picked up the series AND gave it STATION STATUS and the Time 4 Hemp Global Broadcasting Network was born, making it the FIRST all pro-cannabis broadcasting network on iHeartRadio.

12.) In 2015, Time 4 Hemp was the FIRST all cannabis networks on ROKU-TV.

What some people say about Time 4 Hemp.

Keith Stroup – founder of NORML.

Time 4 Hemp - casper leitch with Keith Stroup

“It’s been an honor to call Casper my friend. He and I met in 1991 when he started working for Jack Herer. I’ve enjoyed being a guest on his show several times over the years and encourage every member of NORML to tune in and listen any chance they get.”

Willie Nelson – Music Superstar.

“I met Casper in 1991 and have been impressed with his work as a cannabis activists ever since. Time 4 Hemp is an important resource and I hope that my being a guest on his series draws attention to the broadcasting network.”

Rick Steves – Travel Expert.

Rick Steves and Casper Leitch on time 4 Hemp

“I travel all around the world and at many places that I visit, Time 4 Hemp is considered ‘MUST LISTENING’ when keeping up to date with the cannabis movement. I had a lot of fun being a guest on the show and look forward to my next visit.”

Dr. Tim Leary – Harvard Professor and LSD advocate.

hemp advertising at time 4 hemp

“It was a real trip to be a guest on Time 4 Hemp. I tune in every week when I’m home and make it a point to encourage my friends to do the same. It’s a very informative broadcast. Casper is courageous. He puts everything on the line trying to end the prohibition of a plant. I certainly know what that’s like.”

Vivian McPeak – founder of The Seattle Hempfest.

Vivian McPeak and Casper Leitch

“I met Casper in 1991 when he and Jack Herer showed up for the first Hempfest that I put together. Over the years, both he and Jack have been a guest speaker at many of my events and I’ve had a lot of fun being a returning guest on his show. Casper is one of the hardest working cannabis activists that I know. He has given us a platform to be heard on and he is dedicated to raising the voice of the medical cannabis movement.”

Hugh Downs – Television News Correspondent.

Huge Downs - Time 4 Hemp.

Click here to enjoy a short radio report about hemp by Hugh Downs.

“I met Casper Leitch after watching him give a stirring speech at the 1991 National NORML Conference in Washington, DC. about ‘The Value of Hemp as a Cash Crop’. He gave me a copy of a book written by a friend of his, ‘The Emperor Wears No Clothes’ along with a few segments of his television series. After reading the book that Jack Herer wrote and watching Casper’s guests explain the history and facts about hemp, I decided to get involved and do what I could to let everyone know that it was time for hemp to make a comeback. The network executives at ABC-News refused to let me cover the topic on television but it was in my contract that I could talk about whatever I wanted to on my 30-min radio show as long as it was ‘family friendly’. I spent a couple of hours on the telephone with Casper and Jack to be sure I got my facts right and in the Autumn of 1991, I became the FIRST National Television News Correspondent to speak out in favor of the hemp plant and the need to end prohibition.”

Judge James Gray – 2012 Libertarian VP candidate.

Judge James Gray and Casper Leitch

“In 1991, I was the first sitting Judge in the United States to publicly denounce marijuana prohibition. During that year, I found myself speaking on the same panel with Casper Leitch and Jack Herer at several different events. Over the years I’ve been a returning guest on Casper’s series and, due to my respect for his diligent work, even joined the network a few years back. I now do a monthly show on Time 4 Hemp.”

Ed Rosenthal – The Guru Of Ganja.

Ed Rosenthal and Casper Leitch

“I met Casper Leitch in 1990 shortly after Jack Herer hired him to run the Help End Marijuana Prohibition (H.E.M.P.) office. Over the years, he and I have had a lot of fun educating people about the TRUTH pertaining to medical marijuana. I’ve been a JOINT-Host on many of his radio segments. It’s really amazing how much you can learn from listening to just a few of his shows. “

Jodie Emery – Canadian Hemp Activists.

Casper Leitch and Jodie Emery.

“When my husband, Marc Emery, first heard about the book, ‘The Emperor Wears No Clothes written by Jack Herer back in 1990 he called Jack’s office to order 20 cases. It was Casper who answered the phone and took care of the order. When Casper started production of the Time 4 Hemp television series, Marc got several Canadian broadcasting networks to  show it. Over the years, when Marc was fighting his legal battles with the United States, Casper made us returning guests on his show. When Marc was placed behind bars, Casper gave me the chance to speak to the cannabis movement through his network any time I wanted to. It’s one of the many reasons why we love him so much.”.

Chris Conrad – Cannabis Expert.

Casper Leitch and Chris Conrad

“I met Casper Leitch in the Spring of 1990 the day Jack Herer hired him to run his office. When Casper started the television series, I was the first guest he invited on.  When he began the Time 4 Hemp Podcast in 2006, I was his first guest. When Time 4 Hemp was picked up by American Freedom Radio in 2009, I was the first radio guest. One of the reason’s Casper is called ‘The Father Of Marijuana Media’ is because he pioneered it.”

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