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Advertise with Time 4 Hemp if you are looking for an explosive opportunity to reach your key audience as they listen to music online. Everyone who tunes in to our network either smokes cannabis or grows it or knows someone who does!


Get a direct reach to the cannabis market when audiences are ready to experience it from a respected source.

Have your presentation embedded into over a quarter century of history of people and companies who are the movers and shakers in ending the drug war.

Interact with Grade A teams of experts when sharing your products and/or services with the industrial hemp and medical cannabis markets.

Reach an audience of over 100,000 through our Social Media.

Just like when Horton heard the Who’s of Whosville – it took the voice of every Who to make Horton hear them. It was a small place making a big noise. This is true of Time 4 Hemp. We are a growing team that is reaching every corner of the world with the message of our need to end prohibition. We are working hard to restore hemp as an industrial crop. We believe that it is time to stop making criminals out of people who need medical cannabis.

Advantages when you advertise with Time 4 Hemp
The internet is full of websites, podcasts and radio shows devoted to discussing cannabis. There is only ONE broadcasting network that carries cannabis programming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. , That’s us!
Here are just a few of the things that make it a great value when you advertise with Time 4 Hemp.

The ability to have your advertisement placed on specific shows.

On-air advertising is preserved forever in our archives. Your ad will be heard over and over long after your original ad airs.

Stretch your advertising dollars by including sponsorship positions on our popular website.

Because the primary mission of Time 4 Hemp is to repeal cannabis prohibition, your advertising dollars help us move that issue forward by.

Ready to find out more? The Time 4 Hemp family is a growing group of people. If you are interested in joining us contact: .

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