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When Canada officially launches its recreational marijuana market later this year, the federal government will provide the nation’s cannabis farmers with some of the same funding opportunities as other green thumb industrialists.

Earlier this month, agricultural ministers representing every level of government decided during their annual meeting in Vancouver that the companies producing cannabis plants for both the recreational and medicinal sector should qualify for a portion of the agricultural support offered to traditional farmers.

Canada provides dozens of programs and partnerships intended to help the agricultural community stay innovative and prosperous.

But this consideration does not mean that cannabis farmers can expect to receive the same treatment as corn or dairy farmers, for example. Not all of the government’s safety nets will be made available to those who cultivate this feel good crop.

British Columbia Agriculture Minister Lana Popham recently told iPolitics that cannabis producers would not be eligible for two of the country’s more popular farming programs — AgriStability and AgriInvest. These subsidies were designed to protect farmers against unforeseen incidents like damaged crops and massive market fluctuations.

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China Is Blaming Canada For Its Cannabis Trade Problems

Canada’s legalization of cannabis this year wasn’t met with red-envelope-like celebration by Chinese government officials. The Chinese government has long blamed the maple-blanketed country for its handling of tons of illegal cannabis imports. Those officials have a right to be somewhat perturbed, as roughly 20% of Canada’s total marijuana production ($1.2 billion worth) was sold illegally beyond the country’s borders last year, a good portion believed to be China-bound.

Were it another disconcerted country, it might seem less hypocritical because while China is displeased with Canada for contributing to its cannabis problem, the country itself produces 50% of the world’s supply. China’s crops are largely hemp, and thus the non-psychotropic and fiber-rich variety of cannabis.

Psychology Today traces the Chinese economic uses of cannabis hemp to 10,000 B.C. Chinese farmers know how to farm, cultivate and process cannabis for fabrics, medicine and recreational use. As of 2017, Chinese companies have 309 out of the 606 patents filed around the world that relate to cannabis. So while cannabis remains illegal in the People’s Republic of China, its massive economic potential poses a threat to cannabis interests around the world and particularly in the U.S. market.

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