When he shared his love for foods

made with cannabis.

Cannabis Activist Anthony Bourdain reportedly committed suicide the Friday before the North Korea USA summit in June, 2018. From how to roll a joint to “happy pizza” he inject cannabis’ benefits into his media endeavors. Tributes and posthumous praises are pouring in.

The legendary High Times magazine reported:

“A consummate adventurer, Bourdain spent much of his adult life traveling, cooking, eating, and writing. He was also an advocate for cannabis. He was once filmed enjoying a cannabis-infused pizza in Cambodia, although he didn’t come right out and say it. But he hinted pretty strongly about it.“What makes this pizza happy so happy?” he wondered aloud. “Let’s just say there’s a powerful herbal component to this pizza…It’s the pizza that makes you insane in the membrane.”He even took the opportunity to share some of the medicinal attributes of a pot pizza.”

The on line publication Civilized Life
reported on the 10 best Bourdain marijuana moments:

“3. Copenhagen’s ‘Pusher Street’

An October 2013 episode of “Parts Unknown” featured a visit to “Pusher Street” in the weed-friendly green-light district of Copenhagen, Denmark. While there, Bourdain checked out the cannabis wares and sampled a quail egg that appeared to be cured with cannabis smoke. The dish left a glassy-eyed Bourdain wanting more – eggs as well as marijuana, perhaps.

He didn’t smoke on screen, of course. Well, not obviously at least. There’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it point in the clip’s montage showing Bourdain exhaling something. Could just be tobacco, right?”

Culture Magazine reflects:

“A poetic, philosophical maverick, Bourdain laces his work—ultra-popular TV food and travel shows and best-selling books—with pro-cannabis attitude and anecdotes. In so doing, he’s helped shape the attitudes of millions of people towards cannabis without so much as hosting a rally or posting a meme.

“Obviously, if I’m shooting in Morocco or Egypt and I find myself on a sand dune in the middle of the Sahara, looking out over a perfect fucking moonscape, I’m smoking weed,” he said.

Bourdain’s million-selling breakout book, Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly, is speckled with fond cannabis references and remembrances. Episodes of his hit CNN series Parts Unknown, in which he also repeatedly alludes to the joys of cannabis, have attracted audiences upwards of 670,000. He’s earned “establishment” recognition including multiple Emmy Awards and, significantly, a 2012 honorary CLIO Award—which is given to individuals whose work has encouraged people around the world to think differently.”

Anthony Bourdain made many powerful statements, teaching by demonstration, showing us how to work around ‘Standards and Practices”, the censors. We pray they have many happy pizzas and joints in heaven too. Rest In Pot!

We ask all great chefs, cooks and hobbyist to experiment with hemp flours, oils, leaves, buds, smoothies, etc. to co-create a better world through better food for us all. In honor of the great cannabis activist Anthony Bourdain, remember, keep food an adventure.