The Father Of Marijuana Media

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Casper Leitch – program host.

Casper Leitch - Host of Time 4 Hemp

Casper Leitch got involved in the Hemp Movement in 1990 when he was hired by Jack Herer to run Jack’s office. Casper launched the cable television series ‘TIME 4 HEMP’ on January 5, 1991. Time 4 Hemp is the first TV series in the history of broadcasting to focus strictly on the topic of cannabis. This has given Casper the dubious honor of being ‘The Father Of Marijuana Television’.

1991 Time 4 Hemp Television Series - Please share

Willie Nelson and Casper Leitch on the set of Time 4 Hemp in 1991.

He was a participant in the U.S. government funded  ’UCLA Smoked Marijuana Study’ headed by Dr. Donald Tashkin. In doing so, Casper became  the first person to be recorded smoking legal cannabis in a US Government funded lab. Watch it in this collection of 1991 Time 4 Hemp TV segments.

Click here to watch segments of the 1991 TV Series.

He was High Times Magazine – FEB 2013 – Freedom Fighter Of The Month.

He was also featured in TREATING YOURSELF JOURNAL and


Dr Robert Melamede and Casper Leitch and Steve DeAngelo

Dr Robert Melamede and Casper Leitch and Steve DeAngelo.

Casper began hosting the Time 4 Hemp podcast in 2005 on a casual basis. American Freedom Radio began broadcasting the series in 2009 on a M-F schedule. In 2013, Time 4 Hemp became the FIRST ALL CANNABIS ALL THE TIME 24/07 network on iHeartRadio.

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Casper Leitch in Springfield with the Hempsons.

Casper Leitch visiting the Hempsons in Springfield.

The THE SEATTLE HEMPFEST and PORTLAND HEMPSTALK have invited Casper to be a guest speaker at several events. They are the two biggest hemp festivals in the United States. If you enjoy celebrating cannabis then you need to plan your vacation time with these destinations in mind.

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