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Below are the Time 4 Hemp Network hosts.

Many of the hosts are founding members of The Global Cannabis Movement.

In the first year of our conception,

Willie Nelson, Tommy Chong  and  Dr. Andrew Weil

made it a point to visit. 

Casper Leitch - Time 4 Hemp

Casper Leitch – host of ‘Time 4 Hemp’.

Al Byrne takes Time 4 Hemp

Al Byrne – host of ‘Voices For Veterans.

Michael Krawitz - time 4 hemp

Michael Krawitz – joint host of ‘Voices For Veterans’.

Mary Lynn Mathre - Time 4 Hemp

Mary Lynn Mathree – host of ‘Patients Out Of Time’.

Medical Marijuana Radio - Time 4 Hemp

L.S. Love – host of ‘Medical Marijuana Radio’.

Judge James Gray - Time 4 Hemp

Judge James Gray – host of ‘Freedom At Large’.

Dean Becker on Time 4 Hemp

Dean Becker – host of ‘Drug Truth Network’.

Doug McVay on Time 4 Hemp

Doug McVay – joint host of ‘Drug Truth Network’.

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