Current Hosts On Time 4 Hemp.

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Time 4 Hemp and Friends.

In the first year of our conception, some of our guests were

Willie Nelson, Tommy Chong  and  Dr. Andrew Weil.

The following year, Jesse Ventura paid a visit to the network.

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Below are the Time 4 Hemp Network current hosts.

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Casper Leitch – host of Time 4 Hemp.

Al Byrne – host of Voices For Veterans.

Michael Krawitz – joint host of  Voices For Veterans.

Mary Lynn Mathre – host of Patients Out Of Time.


L.S. Love – host of Medical Marijuana Radio.

Judge James Gray – host of Freedom At Large.

Dean Becker – host of Drug Truth Network.

Doug McVay – joint host of Drug Truth Network.

The following hosts are returning SOON.

Steve Danks – host of Hemp Works.

Anndera Hermannn– host of iHemp Radio.

Joy Beckerman– joint host of iHemp Radio.

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