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Facebook Will Not Let You Speak Your Mind…

fuck facebook - they suck

…To TOO Many People – That Is!

We REALLY NEED YOUR HELP – and all you need to do to help is to watch and share a few videos about cannabis on FaceBook. That’s it. That’s all we asking for you to do. Just watch a few videos for at least 5-min each. Watch a few today, a few tomorrow – the number of videos we are currently asking you to watch is very few as of this writing.

FaceBook is making it nearly impossible to successfully promote our cannabis videos on FaceBook groups and on other FaceBook profiles. Because of the, the number of VIEWS our new videos receive has dropped from OVER 1,000 views in 36-hours to barely 230 views in 5 days time.

The more views we get, the more difficult it becomes for FaceBook to justify censorship or our content – especially if a large number of our audience members see this post and LOVINGLY comply with this request.

When FaceBook changed to the Time-Line format it now uses, it began a deliberate effort to SLOW DOWN the communication between FRIENDS and other FaceBook Users. When I come across an article on FaceBook and share it with 10 of my FaceBook friends, that post will only show up on 4 maybe 5 of my friends profiles….and the other people I shared it with never see it.

Sometimes AFTER sharing a post, I will then check the profiles of those people who I had just shared the post with and the profile pages that the post did NOT show up on I will try to directly re-post it to their profile page. Wen I do that, I get the notification that my post was successfully made and it will appear on their profile page UNTIL I navigate away from their profile page and then return……only to find the article that I directly posted – was GONE!!!  POOF….Just like that.

When I asked the profile owners if they blocked me in any way the told they had not. In fact, some were wondering if I was doing OK since they had NOT SEEN ANY POSTS FROM ME in several days.

Things have even gotten SILLIER at FaceBook. The FaceBook team wants to be the biggest video content provider since YouTube – and they want to be bigger than YouTube. They have encouraged every FaceBook member to start creating and promoting personal videos on the FaceBook platform…but when you do – FaceBook SLAPS YOU DOWN.

I’m a member of several groups on FaceBook and the problems of posting have even occurred with the material that I’ve share in those groups.  In some groups my posts remain on the thread and in some groups my posts disappear immediately from the thread as soon as I navigate away from the group page. I’ve written FaceBook several times and told them about the on going problem and they have never once replied.

NOW – if I post on more than 4 groups in an hours time, FaceBook blocks me from posting on any group page that I am not a administrator of. If I send an email to more than 8 group administrators in an hours time, I can not use my FaceBook email for 24 hours. Keep in mind that I have permission from the group owners to post in their groups; all of my posts get several THUMBS UP each time I post and no one has ever complained about any of my posts.

Many of my friends requested that I tag them in my posts – and so I did.  FaceBook blocked me from tagging any of my photos for 30-days because I was “tagging too many people” in them.  I had about 50 friends that liked being tagged in my images because the images would appear on their profiles.  As of now, I am allowed to tag only 15 people per image – if I attempt to do more than that, I will once again not be allowed to tag anyone in an any image for 30-days.

At first, I thought it was just ME.  But, over time I have encountered SEVERAL activists on FaceBook who have SUDDENLY had the same problem.  It would seem, to those of us who attempt to reach a LARGE number of our friends, FaceBook is doing EVERYTHING it can to prohibit the  sharing of REAL information.

This is why I encourage all my friends to subscribe to the @Time4Hemp TWITTER FEED AND TO PLEASE, PLEASE VISIT the Time4Hemp FaceBook video playlist.  All the important global news we share for free to the marijuana movement is released through TWITTER – and Twitter DOES NOT CENSOR what you post or to whom you can share your posts with.

I have to say – FaceBook is very successful in censoring activists.  In order for any one to discover the information posted on my profile page or my group page – it is COMPLETELY up to that person to actually come to my profile page each day and review the new links that I have been able to successfully post.

Instead of being able to get a message out to the 5,000 friends that I have like I could before Time-Line FIRST began…..instead of being able to get a message out to the approximate 2,000 friends that I use to reach when Time-Line was just a few months old….instead of being able to get a message out to the approximate 300 friends that I use to reach when Time-Line was just a year old….instead of being able to get a message out to the approximate 150 friends that I use to reach up until this week – I can now reach about 30 people a day.  For every one else interested in the material I post – they MUST take time to visit my profile and then SHARE any information they discover to be of importance or follow me on Twitter.

Facebook is lame

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