Hemp will soon become

America’s most valuable cash-crop!

US Senate unanimously approves  a hemp measure – now that is the best news we’ve read all year, make that this century. It’s only a matter of time before the truth about the economic, health and environmental upgrades hemp delivers cannot be denied any longer. It is way past time for an unconditional end to the war on drugs to be declared.

Since cannabis, sometimes called marijuana, ganja, weed, pot…  is the female hemp plant, it may be relatively easy to demonstrate the clear discrimination that the male plant is legal but the female is not. Both are being used as industrial material, medicine, food, clothes and shelter. Even in the new age world of 3d printing, 4d printing, 5d printing, 6d printing and beyond, hemp is a dynamic raw resource material that can be made into food, buildings, roads, clothes, oil, plastics and a plethora of other material that can flow through a printer head.

Hemp’s environmental benefits from being a biomass champion that breathes excess CO2 to being excellent at removing toxins from the soil is explained in the science of phytoremediation.

Jack Herer is still right, “Hemp Can Save The Planet.”

The great legalization activist Tom Angell wrote in a recent article in Forbes

“The U.S. Senate, without objection from any lawmaker of either party, adopted legislation on Tuesday recognizing “the growing economic potential of industrial hemp” as well as its “historical relevance.”

The resolution, which was passed to commemorate “Hemp History Week,” also decries the fact that “ the United States is the largest consumer of hemp products in the world , but the United States is the only major industrialized country that restricts hemp farming.”

“Despite the legitimate uses of hemp, many agricultural producers of the United States are prohibited under current law from growing hemp,” the measure reads. “Because most hemp cannot be grown legally in the United States, raw hemp material and hemp products are imported for sale in the United States.”

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Let’s, as Peter McWilliams brilliant book title says, DO IT Let’s Get Off Our Buts! Implement the hemp solution now. Stop the war on drugs, which includes the war on plants.