Enjoy Time 4 Hemp ROKU-TV Network

The Time 4 Hemp ROKU-TV Network is FREE.

Time 4 Hemp ROKU-TV Network

The Time 4 Hemp ROKU-TV Network

Over 79 million people have a ROKU account. If you happen to be one, just type into your ‘add a channel’ listings the code: 9KMLZ2. Currently, we are a private channel. We may soon have the channel added to the ROKU Public Channel Store, but if we do, ROKU will start placing ads into the video content on the channel. As a private channel, the only advertising found on the Time 4 Hemp ROKU-TV Network are those that you have to click on to watch.

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According to a review in Tom’s Guide:

There are lots of ways to stream online content directly to your TV. Selections include simple set-top boxes, compact streaming sticks and powerful game consoles. For the largest selection with minimum fuss, the Roku 4 is the way to go. This 4K-compatible device features more than 2,500 channels. It has a remote control with a headphone jack. It’s powerful search feature trawls multiple services to help you pinpoint.

How We Test Streaming Devices

Testing streaming players is usually a simple process that prioritizes content over performance. Any streaming player worth its salt can play video well. Only a good one possesses straightforward navigation with robust search features and a wide variety of content.

The first thing we evaluate is the setup. We want to see how quick and simple it is. From there, we take the user interface for a spin. We want to see what content gets highlighted, what gets hidden, and how easy it is to navigate to our favorite channels. We’ll also watch a few different shows on a variety of channels to gauge the quality of the video and audio.

After that, it’s onto the extra features. We will check out gaming, voice search and screen mirroring. These factors don’t weigh quite as heavily toward the final score, but they’re nice to have if they work well. It can be extremely distracting if they don’t.