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Time 4 Hemp & Cannabis 4/20 Celebration, 2018

Time 4 Hemp / Cannabis celebration known as 4/20 is happening this weekend, all weekend. April 20th is an international holiday where hempsters and pot heads gather to both celebrate how far we've come and plan the best way for us to over the coming year. Entertainment, education and economic opportunities fill the air, dancing in the smoke the joy of Hemp For Victory. Everything is discussed from how to make cannabis cookies to 3d printing in hemp. Many poverty, sickness and hopelessness chains are broken annually during 4/20 celebrations, just a couple of weeks before May 5th Global Marijuana March. Lordy, what a powerful journey. "Ain't no stopping us now!" The mythology of 4/20 goes back to 1971

April 16th, 2018|

Time 4 Hemp Hero Sister Somayah Kambui

Time4Hemp Hero Sister Somayah Kambui was a pioneer researcher regarding cannabis oil as a treatment for sickle cell. Somayah produced the first Los Angeles Million Marijuana (now Global) in 1999 plus all subsequent ones until her death in 2008.  She gave away collectively tons of cannabis and its healing oil over the decades while fighting tirelessly to end the drug war.  She frequently said she was born to help free the weed, bring hemp’s and love’s benefits to people in need.  Many close to her believe she died of a broken heart based on lack of financial support. All those dispensaries in Los Angeles and not one would help her save her home.

April 10th, 2018|

Time4Hemp Beauty and Personal Care

Hemp Beauty and Personal Care products reveal your skin deep beauty and handsome style, delivering maximum results from your daily self care routine. From dry, chapped skin to high fashion lipsticks, hemp is producing a revitalization in our beauty experience. Better skin care produces better results. For centuries people have used the power of  hemp beauty and cannabis oils. Affordable and effective, if you have not done so already, add hemp beauty products to your daily routine. Because of the dynamically positive results hemp beauty products deliver, the market is expanding rapidly. The Los Angeles Times reported "The cannabis skin-care universe is growing by leaps and bounds as long-established companies including the Body Shop and Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps expand their product lines, while newcomers hustle to make their mark in this budding beauty segment.

April 7th, 2018|

Time4Hemp and Rasta Hats

Time4Hemp and rasta hats are made from one of the most beautiful, oldest and strongest natural fibres in the world. This page features stylish hemp hats that are durable, comfortable and absorbs moisture. They are also resistant to mold and mildew. If you don't see something you like here, check the search box at the bottom of this post and type in what you're looking for. These hats are wonderful accessories for your life, especially when you are taking Time4Hemp.

April 1st, 2018|

Time4Hemp Women’s Fashion

Time4Hemp women's fashions is a spotlight on the style setting world of comfortable, easy to care for clothes. High quality hemp women's fashions are here, now, a gift from the past just in time for the future. Beautiful, stylish, long lasting hemp textiles are free of toxins and don't require dry cleaning chemicals to stay looking good. Hemp fashions are lifestyle upgrades for your 21st Century wardrobe, letting the world know your character's grandeur and uniqueness. Here are some of our favorite women's fashion finds for your consideration. Check back frequently for updates as you hemp yourself to trend setting hemp fashions.

March 28th, 2018|

Time4Hemp Men’s Fashions

Hemp men's fashions still are a respected part of many adventurous mens wardrobes as they have been for thousands of years. Japan's ancient Samurai warriors were clothed in it 1,500 years ago. Stylish and long lasting, hemp textiles are free of toxins and don't require dry cleaning chemicals to stay looking good. Unironed, they tend to redefine fashion by adding more character to the piece. Hemp fashions are upgrades for your 21st Century look and feel, from underwear to a comfortable chair and beyond. Here are some of our favorite men's fashion finds for your consideration.  Check back frequently for updates to trend setting linen fashions.

March 26th, 2018|

Know How: Embracing The ‘Hygge’ Culture With Cannabis

Chocolates Just when you thought nothing could be more comforting than chocolate, came along marijuana infused chocolates. Better than your wine-choco combo, these chocolates are perfect to satisfy your sweet cravings while also helping you de-stress and perk up your mood. They come in a variety of flavours so you can choose your preference according to your mood- mint, milk chocolate, hazelnut, coffee or dark chocolate. You can go for products containing either THC or CBD or both of these chemical compounds. However, it is important to note that cannabis is a drug of choice and while mild consumption can benefit you, there is also a chance of addiction and over abuse. Responsible and mindful use is key to maintain a well balanced lifestyle. Author Bio Jessica Siggers is an avid reader who enjoys getting lost in the world of books. Holding on to her passion for fitness, she is also curious about unconventional medicine. She is intrigued about various discoveries in the field of Marijuana and loves reading the latest researches on Dutch Seed and Cannabisowl.

March 19th, 2018|

Time 4 Hemp 2013 Archives

Time 4 Hemp 2013 Archives. Learn about hemp farming from leaders of the movement. Discover hemp farming in these programs. Click on the date to listen or download the segment. December 12/20 - Joint Host: Michael Krawitz - Guest: Mary Jane Borden 12/19 - Joint Host: Paul Stanford - Guests: Todd Stimson and Mike Bifari 12/18 - Joint Host: Peter Christ - Guest: Lance Buchholtz 12/17 - Joint Host: Kelly Kriston - Guest: Mike Bifari discuss Hemp farming 12/16 - Joint Host: Mary Lynn Mathre and Al Byrne - Guest: Michael Cutler 12/13 - Joint Host: Michael Krawitz - Guests: Paul Kuhn and Bernie Ellis 12/12 - Joint Host: Paul Stanford - Guest: Bret Bernhoft and Martin Lee 12/11 - Joint Host: Peter Christ - Guest: Diane Goldstein 12/10 - Joint Host: Kelly Kriston - Guest: Joe Grumbine discuss hemp farming 12/09 - Joint Host: Mary Lynn Mathre and Al Byrne - Guest: Bruce M. Margolin 12/06 - Joint Host: Michael Krawitz - Guest: Ben Swann 12/05 - Joint Host: Paul Stanford - Guest: Justin James Bridges 12/04 - Joint Host: Peter Christ - Guest: Leo Laurence 12/03 - Joint Host: Kelly Kriston - Guest: Tim Selenski and Darryl Cotton 12/02 [...]

March 3rd, 2018|

Hemp Food Lifestyle

A Hemp Food Lifestyle incorporates nutritious hemp foods into our diets to create healthier bodies. Hemp is a wonderful plant whose uses spread far and wide in our modern world. From its tough, fibrous leaves used in the textile industry to the nutritional value of its seeds, hemp is sure to become a staple in any household.

March 2nd, 2018|