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It's time for 2010 at Time 4 Hemp!

Grammy nominated artists Pato Banton kicks back and enjoys the last show of Time 4 Hemp in the year 2009 - and together, along with Jet Baker they pass the pipe and ring in the New Year.
Other musical artists in this segment include:
Straight No chaser - Kenny Loggins - Herbie Hancock - DJ Coma
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Get up to date hemp information straight from the people on the front lines. Our Hemp Today Podcasts bring you the hottest hemp news and hemp information straight from the sources. We also bring you new and interesting Hemp Music from musicians and bands that are pro hemp. Podcasts are Audio files you can download to your computer or MP3 Device and listen when YOU want to. Stay up to date with what is happening around the US and the World as we bring you interviews with some of the movers and shakers in the Hemp Movement, Hemp Legalization and other important information.

We don't just bring you anyone in our podcast, well ok maybe anyone who can give some information on Hemp Policy, we bring you the best we can find. In our past shows we have brought you the likes of:
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We have had interviews with the leaders of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, Marijuana Policy Project, NORML, NORMAL Chapters, Activists, High Times, Celeb-Stoner, Medical Marijauna Patients, and many others. Each gives thier insight as to what is happening and what they are doing to change hemp policy around the world.


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