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Gatewood Galbraith

one of the Founding Fathers of the Marijuana Movement, joins Casper Leitch in a joint effort to invite T. Boone Pickens to take Time 4 Hemp. In this segment, the two discuses the Pickens' Plan and Al Gore's historic speech to Congress in which the former Vice-President called for America to be free from dependence of foreign fuel in 10-years or less.
listen to a sample of the interview here - Link - pass this on to your friends!!

Time 4 Hemp with Muck Sticky

The Time 4 Hemp PotCast series celebrates its' 1 year anniversary with an EXCLUSIVE interview with Muck Sticky who is celebrating the release of his NEW CD, 'Muck Sticky Is Your Friend.


with the Dr. Timothy Leary

Time4Hemp Potcast (sorry we mean Podcast)

Welcome to the new Time4Hemp Potcast section. We have several Podcasts running now each designed to make the truth about marijuana an easy download in everyone's iPod (or MP3 player or computer). We are now providing new interviews and programs in formats for all your on the go devices.

Here you can tune into the current feed or get past ones for storage.

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Currently, Time 4 Hemp is running three different types of Potcasts - making it easy to share every podcast with all your friends.

  • 1. Time 4 Hemp - the television series - now in podcast downloadable format.
    Classic Interviews from this ground-breaking series have been re-mixed into short, easy to download, potcast segments.
    We have taken the audio from each 20-minute interview and made them available via our Time 4 Hemp Classic Potcast.
    In these you will find remarkable guests such as:
    Willie Nelson, Gatewood Galbraith, Dr. Tim Leary, and former High Times editer, Steve Bloom, making their case that it's Time 4 Hemp. Here is the Information you need to get our Classics Podcast Feed.
    Or you can pull us off of Apple iTunes, with this URL
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  • 2. Time 4 Hemp Today - the Potcast series - now in podcast downloadable format.
    Fresh interviews with people on are on the front lines in the Hemp Movement and the War On Drugs are featured in this new podcast series.
    Kicking off our new series are interviews with people like Allen St Pierre the Director of NORML, and Carl Olsen of the Ethopian Zion Coptic Church, Ed Rosenthal, Gatewood Galbraith.
    Other new interviews soon to be released are with such remarkabel people as Marc Emery, Keith Stroup, to name only a few.
    Be sure to tell your friends to check eevery few days for a new Time 4 Hemp Potcast and ask that they share the podcast everyone they can. You will need this information if you want to get tuned into our feed.
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  • 3. Time 4 Hemp Music - the potcast series - now in podcast downloadable format.
    Here we feature bands that have created Pro-Hemp music.
    Fantastic songs by Sublime, The Black Crowes, Cypress Hill, Blues Traveler, Ziggy Marley, and many, many more can be dowloaded into your iPod to enjoy on the run.
    If your in a band and would like to be featured on the Time 4 Hemp Music Potcast, drop our webmaster a note and he will set you up. (His email address can be found on the contact page of our site.)
    Should you be a Hemp Activists fignting on the front lines in the War On Drugs, we'd like to feature you on a segment of the new Time4Hemp Potcast series. The idea is to educate the world on the truth about hemp in podcast format - so everyone on the planet can have the oppratunity to hear it. Here is what you need to subscribe to our current music feed.
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    We'd also like to invite you to record an MP3 file with you saying "It's Time 4 Hemp" (if you want to add something else cool) and email it to . Get in on the Potcast, listen and hear yourself being broadcast to all our listeners.


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