SKUNK Radio Hour Archive

If you like SKUNK magazine, you’ll love SKUNK Radio.

John Vergados is the host of the radio show and editor of the magazine.

John Vergados - time4hemp

John Vergados is the host of SKUNK RADIO on Time 4 Hemp Broadcasting.

SKUNK Magazine speaks to the spirit inside each and every cannabis activist and grower. In SKUNK, you can reach the most knowledgeable cannabis minds through print and other online. The magazine can be found in most major cities at marijuana smoke shops and cannabis friendly bookstores. Many writers make contributions to the magazine. Photographs send in photos of plants and buds. It’s a great way of staying on top of global cannabis news and the marijuana entertainment industry.

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– 2016 –

05/19 – Guest: Vivian McPeak.

03/10 – Guest: Chris Goodwin.

03/03 – Guest: Mae Moon.

02/11 – Guest: Don Briere.

01/28 – Guest: Terry Gillespie.

01/21 – Guest: Julie Chiariello.

01/08 – Guest: Matt Kumin.

– 2015 –

11/05 – Guest: Brave Mykayla and her parents Erin Purchase and Brandon Krenzler.

A subscription to SKNUK MAGAZINE is a perfect birthday or holiday gift for all your marijuana loving friends who enjoy being part of the cannabis culture. They can keep up to date on all their favorite pot smoking celebrities. Learn which business in the hemp industry to invests in. Learn how to grow marijuana in their closet or in the back yard with the help of the experts. Books, movies and music that cater to the global hemp movement are reviewed. You can even win prizes

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“It really puzzles me to see marijuana connected with narcotics , dope and all that crap. It’s a thousand times better than whiskey.  It’s an assistant…a friend.” – Louis Armstrong

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