After GoDaddy Was Hacked

And We Were Stuck In The Middle With You.

Comcast Xfinity at Time 4 Hemp

It’s been a frustrating and challenging 30 days, to say the very least. At the end of May, I began experimenting with Facebook’s video platform and was blown away by the reaction the videos I released received.

I got over 3,000 video views in less than a week. Each of the programs released were done so WITH OUT any type of promotion or regular scheduling. I would just all of a sudden GO LIVE on FaceBook and do a show. The show about Willie Nelson got about 1,500 views in less than 3 days and the show about Jack Herer got over 2,000 views in about 4 days. Other programs have varied in audience size – but each release is drawing a good amount of attention.
This caused me to retool the format that I present some of our material on. In order to do a interesting presentation of our current content (which is audio only), animations created by the website are being mixed together and released in 20-30 minute segments. New video material will now be created each week and many of our future programs will be in both video and audio format.
I was very excited about all the new content changes and the interesting ways of interacting with our audience. After doing about 10 different program releases I felt certain of the direction Time 4 Hemp needed to go and began putting together an e-mail message and public press release detailing this. Just as I completed the last paragraph and was about to start sending out the announcements – I was unable to get to my website.
That’s right. I was NOT able to get to my website in any way. I could not find it on the internet. When I typed in the URL address, I got a 501 error message. When I tried to enter the website through the backdoor that opens only to the developing team members, I got a 501 error message. GoDaddy spent 3 days combing through their connection and through my website and could not find a problem any where. They suggested that I try using my smart phone as a HOT SPOT connection to my computer to see if using my Verizon service allowed me to connect….AND IT DID. This meant that the problem was in Comcast’s lap and not GoDaddy’s.
Four different Comcast technicians spent 3 days trying to figure out what was blocking me from my own website. As it turned it – it was Comcast. A top technician discovered that Comcast had blocked a server owned by GoDaddy because it had be hacked and whoever hacked it was spamming Comcast customers.  When GoDaddy learned of this, they offered to move my website to a new server – for a $300 fee…..or, I could do it myself for free.
It took 5 days to download all 32,683 files that I needed to move from the old server to the new. It took 3 weeks, 2 days and 17 hours to upload them to the new server. During that time, it was impossible to add new content to the blog, to add the monthly newsletter or add any new content to the program archive pages. As you surf this website, please let me know if you have any problems getting to any of the content (email:
Now that the site is back up and running smoothly, I am picking up where I was forced to leave off at:  Announcing the networks focus on FaceBook’s video platform…..along with YouTube and ROKU-TV and few others.
New posts have already been added to the blog and there will be a newsletter released in August and both will (hopefully) again back to their regular schedule.  The recent podcasts produced will soon be added to the proper archive pages and our archive pages will soon be straighten out.