Many people don’t realize that they are

Just Another Brick In The Wall!

If you’re so mad you could spit – you’re being played.

Let’s start with the 2016 election. There are folks who supported Trump because they saw no other option available to them. After almost a decade in the 90’s of the Clinton White House ramping up the War On Drugs, many people could NOT vote for another Presidential term with the Clinton’s. Now, more than two years after the 2016 election, there are a number of folks who are still railing against those who felt they had no other option but to cast their vote for Trump. There are also a number of folks who are still railing against those who felt they had no other choice but to vote for Hillary.

Here’s a heads up for all you silly-ass people who are still TRUMP and/or CLINTON bashing : you are being played!


It’s one reason why I try to refrain from discussing politics beyond the topic of ‘cannabis reform’.

The 2016 Presidential election has been used as a way of dividing people who have spent years working together. When you can divide people between themselves – they are easy to conquer.

  There is no real division between the ruling members of our country – they all sit at the same table and laugh at the way they have successfully gotten mothers and daughters to fight against each other; fathers and sons to fight against each other; family and friends have stopped attending holiday events together. All sorts of activists organizations have been divided due to their members in-fighting over the past election.

I have had people un-friended me because I voted AGAINST Hilary (I didn’t vote FOR Trump – but it was either him or her and I’d had my belly full of the Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton dynasty ). There are people who still won’t work with me in the hemp movement because of how I voted. I have also noticed that, more often than not, it is the LIBERAL MINDED person who usually does the un-friending…..lolololol – just sayin’.

Keep in mind that, as Professional Activists, one of the first things we do when we campaign for cannabis reform is be certain that who we are speaking with IS REGISTERED TO VOTE and if they aren’t – we offer to register them so they can vote to end cannabis prohibition in the next election. Because of this, I find it to be richly ironic that many activists are not speaking to each other because of how someone EXERCISED THEIR PERSONAL RIGHT TO VOTE.

That’s really silly if you ask me.


Trump pumped millions of dollars into Hilary Clinton’s campaign for  her New York Senate bid.

The people running this country need to divide us in order to keep us under their control. They need to be certain that Abortion activists (pro or con) are fighting among themselves. They need to be certain that gun activists (pro or con) are fighting among themselves. They need to be certain that cannabis activists (pro or con) are fighting among themselves. As long as activists continue to fight among themselves over an event that occurred over 2 years ago AND can now NOT be changed, they will continue to lose whatever ground that’s been gained from their past hard work and will have to struggle even more in reaching towards their goals.

Many people don’t want to admit it but, HAD HILARY WON THE ELECTION, there would STILL BE A CONGRESSIONAL INVESTIGATION into the Russian interference of the election. Hilary would of been cast under a dark cloud of suspicion as to if the Russians help her win against Trump due to the huge amount of uranium she and Obama gave to Putin.

And, just like the congressional investigations and scandals that currently hammer the Trump administration; there would of been an investigation into all the money the Clinton Foundation has received from SO MANY different countries (including Russia AND OTHER countries that are considered to be enemies of the USA); the speaking fees Bill Clinton received over past 16-years would of been placed under an audit; and the many Clinton-related scandals from their past would of also be focused on in daily news commentaries. There would of been demonstrations in the street and protests around the country much as the ones that plague America today. After all That is what the 2 parties were truly trying to achieve. The Great American Divide!

And – just like what is happening today – while the press keeps us focused on the Russian Investigation and all the horrible scandals that surrounds the White House – and Congress cuts the food-stamp budget; and they dip into the Social Security reserve; and they pad the military budget for the Pentagon lobbyists; and they cut medical care and increase the amount we have to pay for it; and a whole bunch of other stuff that destroys our future.

It’s nothing more than a ‘please watch carefully what the right-hand is doing and please pay no mind to what the left-hand is doing.”  No one in Congress or the Senate is RALLY DOING ANY THING to bring the White House to impeachment. No one in Congress or the Senate is RALLY DOING ANY THING for the American people. The Democrats are telling their voters to get out and march in the streets to protest….but they don’t offer any solutions nor do they offer any likeable candidates to run for office. The Republicans are walking around with their blinders on and pretend they don’t see a thing. Both parties spend their time trying to ‘block the other side’ from having any type of success and both sides do what they can to prevent ANYTHING from truly getting accomplished on behalf of the citizens who they are suppose to be representing.


Trump is in the White House IN PART because the Democrats ran Hilary against him.

The Democratic Party HELPED to put Trump into office. Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump were the 2 most hated candidates in the history of American elections. The DNC knew long before their primaries ended that Hilary was a lame candidate and to put her at the head of the ticket could be the most wrong thing to do. All indicators pointed to an assured White House victory for U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders had he been SELECTED as the head of the ticket.

To be honest, the Democrats could of ran Pee Wee Herman for President along with Anthony Wiener IN THE NUMBER TWO SLOT (think about that for a minute) with the campaign slogan; “The Pee Wee/Wiener Team Is HARD To Beat” and they would of won!!! But they INSISTED on getting behind Hilary in the belief that the voting public would HATE Trump far MORE than they hated her.

A person like Luke Scarmazzo is someone we should ALL get behind.

Luke Scarmazzo is one of many people behind bars in this War On Drugs who can use our help. People can help him by sending letters so he knows he’s not forgotten; adding cash to his prison account; helping with his lawyer fees; making sure he has at least one visitor on every visitors day; or writing the Governor of his state and asking for a pardon on his behalf. There are so many things a person can do to help someone being held prisoner in this War On Drugs.

Sadly, many people WILL NOT come together as a group because of political disagreements. Wow, how really sad, a group of full-grown-adults standing around fighting with each other over the 2016 Trump/Clinton election and or WHAT EVER ELSE they can find to stand around and have a fight about.


Bill Clinton, George H. Bush and George Wallace – 1968

Oh – and – just for sport – let’s all fight about what the plant SHOULD be referd to as. Should we call it CANNABIS or should we call it HEMP or should we call it MARIJUANA!!?? FOFLMAO! Really, people! We have prisoners of the War On Drugs suffering behind bars that need our help; we have sick people being arrested because the medication they need to use is not legal for them to use; and yet we still have people who insist on having a ‘pissing-contest’ over the PROPER NAME of the plant. JEPERS – here’s a head’s up – until the plant is called LEGAL every where on earth – INSISTING on a name for the plant to be referred to as is REALLY A MOOT POINT.

Here’s another heads up: if you are still so angry about the outcome of the 2016 election and just can’t move forward – that’s FINE – I respect that, but I need to keep moving forward and have no choice but to leave you behind. There is too much work that still needs done to end cannabis prohibition. I no longer have any time for people who want to continue to stir the shit!

If your day if filled with posting political commentary about how horrible Trump and/or Clinton is on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and who-cares-where-else, you have become PART OF THE PROBLEM. Please, please take your talents, your passion, and your drive to improve the world and return to fighting this War On Cannabis prohibition and once again become PART OF THE SOLUTION. Other wise, you will soon be fodder left behind on the battlefield. If you disagree with me on this, I don’t care. REALLY. I just don’t. I’m busy trying to end cannabis prohibition.

Someone you need to listen to is Luke Scarmazzo – he needs your help. I’m sure he really doesn’t care WHO YOU VOTED FOR. I’m also sure that he really doesn’t care WHAT NAME YOU CALL the cannabis/hemp/marijuana plant by. What he really only cares about is his Freedom and his family and the need to end prohibition.

Fighting for Luke and others like him IS WHAT THE CANNABIS REFORM MOVEMENT is suppose to be about!


Ken Keye’s stated in his powerful book, ‘The 100th Monkey’.

“We can learn to keep our squabbles within bounds.
We must learn to disagree without throwing each other out of our hearts — and thus create rock-like hatreds.
We can become skillful at changing the desire systems in our minds.
Whatever we expect to get by creating hatred and separateness even if “justified” is always purchased at far too great a price.
Human love, our heart-to-heart love, is more valuable than anything else.
If we have this, we have enough.
Without this love in our hearts, nothing else will be enough!”